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Combine Ethos, Pathos and Logos with structure, tools and techniques to capture the audience and make a positive impact.

As your coach, I can help you design, create and practice a clear, balanced, professional presentation to move the audience in the direction you need. 


Learn the skills that make the difference

Presentation Coaching

Create presentations and slideshows that make an impact.

From the opening hook, to crafting the message and call-to-action, we work together to design, practice and deliver a dynamic presentation that will captivate your audience.


Make a long-lasting impression on your prospects and colleagues.

Learn the structure, techniques and tools to create an emotional shift in the audience using an immersive, visual story.  Turn experience and data into a powerful narrative designed to drive change.

Startup Pitch

Stand out with a clear, focused pitch and compelling call-to-action.

Convince investors and judges the problem you address is worth solving. Learn to balance logic and emotion, design a powerful pitch deck and persuade your audience.

Join the 300+ clients who have improved their speaking

What my clients are saying

"It was so much more than I had expected from a speech coaching session! Alex definitely helped me with my confidence in public speaking."

Bonny J Pratt, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

"When I worked with Alex I really liked his determination and appetite to understand in details what our solution is about. It also helped me a lot that he outlined the first draft, it was easier to fine tune it afterwards."

Robert Dobay, Chairman at AmCham Hungary
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"I consulted with Alex when I was preparing for a presentation which was quite important for my career."

Réka Sarudi, Marketing Manager at Verint

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