Hi, I'm Alex. I'm a presentation coach based in Budapest.

My Services.

Presentation Coaching

From startups to TEDx speakers and conference presenters, I’ve helped dozens of clients give outstanding presentations. Here's what we go over:

  • Content.

  • Structure.

  • Body language.

  • Visuals.

Courses and Workshops

Budapest Street Project

One of my favorite things to do is work with groups to develop a skill or set of skills. In my courses and workshops, we focus on learning-by-doing in a light, fun atmosphere.

  • The Magic of Storytelling - 5 x 2 hours.

  • Pitch with Power - 6 hours.

  • Public Speaking TED-style - 6 hours.

  • Ace the Interview - 6 hours.

  • Networking Ninja: The Art of Small Talk - 4 hours.

  • Elevate Your Elevator Pitch - 4 hours.

I arrived in Budapest in January 2018, and was amazed by the beauty of this city. However, I soon learned about the incredible number of homeless people. I created the Budapest Street Project to try and help.

The Budapest Street Project aims to raise awareness of the homeless crisis in Budapest and raise funds to ease the suffering of those without a home.

"It was so much more than I had expected from a speech coaching session! Alex definitely helped me with my confidence in public speaking."

Bonny J. Pratt