budapest street project.

I arrived in Budapest in January 2018, and I was surprised by the incredible number of homeless people. I wanted to help so I created the Budapest Street Project. 


The Budapest Street Project aims to raise awareness of the homeless crisis in Budapest and raise funds to ease the suffering of those without a home.


To raise awareness, we talk with homeless people and document their stories. We learn what their lives were like before being homeless and the circumstances that caused it. Through this, I believe we can help prevent homelessness before it happens.

To raise funds, we create art prints and sell them. Half of the funds goes directly to a shelter or cause, the other half goes back into the project. In November 2018, B.S.P. teamed up with Oltalom shelter to help them cope with the busy winter season.


In March/April 2020, Budapest Street Project will launch their webshop and offer a range of authentic Budapest art, all of which goes toward helping those who have no place to call home.

Let's Talk.

1066 Budapest

Dessewffy u. 18. D18 Cafe

Tel: +36 30 670 7884 

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