Courses and workshops

One of my favorite things to do is working with groups to develop a skill or set of skills. In my courses and workshops, we focus on learning-by-doing in a light, fun atmosphere.



Speaking for Business

In this highly-interactive class, clients are led through a 12-week program designed to clear pronunciation errors, and increase fluency and confidence when speaking English in business settings. Using real-world corporate topics, each lesson is targeted to the most common situations where miscommunication happens. Recommended level: B2-C1. Minimum 4 participants.


Accent Training 

Over the course of 12 weeks, we cover all 24 lexical sets and 44 sounds of English as spoken in North America. In each lesson, we go from individual sounds to phrases to conversation. The activities are quick and designed to train your ear as well as your voice to help you hear more and sound more like a native speaker.

Recommended level: A2-B1. Minimum 4 participants.


The Magic of Storytelling - 5 x 2 hours

The way you make the audience feel is the key to a successful story. In this workshop, we focus on using the voice, connecting to the audience and building a rollercoaster of emotions.We meet every Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:30 for four weeks and finish by telling our stories in front of a live audience of 40 people at the Storyteller’s Showcase.

Pitch with Power - 6 hours

Join us and learn to create a pitch and deliver it with charisma. Practice a full set of techniques for writing and delivering a persuasive pitch for a product, service or company. Deliver your final pitch on-stage and receive detailed feedback. Designed for start-ups, salespeople and anyone who needs to give persuasive presentations in English.

Ace the Interview - 6 hours

Be 100% prepared for your next interview by preparing targeted stories from your past to give interviewers what they need to hear. We provide a guide for resume and cover letter writing, tips for how to dress and present yourself, and salary negotiation.

Networking Ninja: The Art of Small Talk - 4 hours

Get the most out of your next networking event by practicing proven techniques to help you manage your time better. We learn and practice techniques for remembering names, giving memorable introductions, changing the subject, and exiting a conversation quickly but professionally.

Elevate Your Elevator Pitch - 4 hours

Create a concise, memorable pitch for a product, a service, an idea or you personally. The techniques you learn can be applied to almost any situation where you want your ideas to be considered favorably.

Képernyőfotó 2020-03-10 -

Joanna Varro

Graphic Designer

The workshop was very professional and besides learning about public speaking and the structure of the speech I also gained confidence. It will be useful knowledge even for the future interviews and communication. Alex helped me to understand the value of sharing my story and I would never be able to do it alone!