presentation coaching

From conference keynote to start-up pitch to TEDx, I’ve helped dozens of clients give outstanding presentations. Here’s how:


It’s what you say AND how you say it. As a native English speaker from Canada, I help correct any pronunciation errors with a neutral accent. I make sure you sound clear and your words have the correct intonation, rhythm and stress. I help you restructure your sentences for maximum impact.


As a three-time Toastmasters Division champion in public speaking, I understand structure inside and out and together, we can structure a speech, pitch or presentation that people remember. Foundational phrases, transitions and audience engagement are all key.

Body language

Congruence - when our body matches our words - builds trust. From posture to eye contact, facial expressions and hand gestures, I teach you how to behave on stage so they look credible, trustworthy and believable.


A great visual presentation is simple, clear and amplifies what the speaker is saying. I help you add drama, suspense and humor to your presentation with the click of a button.

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Bonny J Pratt

Executive director

Morgan and Stanley Europe

I contacted Alex, who was very approachable and professional. He agreed to meet me on a Sunday at last minute, he reviewed my presentation dry-run and gave me a lot of feedback on making my presentation more powerful. Alex helped me from a holistic perspective from body language, speech pauses, powerpoint slide design, and how to engage an audience. It was so much more than I had expected from a speech coaching session! Alex definitely helped me with my confidence in public speaking.

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Robert Dobay

Chairman - HR Committee

AmCham Hungary

When I worked with Alex I really liked his determination and appetite to understand in details what our solution is about. It also helped me a lot that he outlined the first draft, it was easier to fine tune it afterwards. He has a good sense of humor, and made me forget that we actually worked. I felt his enthusiasm and care, it made me committed to the teamwork. Thank you again.

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Réka Sarudi

Content Marketing Manager

I consulted with Alex when I was preparing for a presentation which was quite important for my career. Although I consider myself an experienced speaker, Alex could still teach me new techniques of making a presentation engaging for the audience. His expertise in storytelling, public speaking, speech evaluation and teaching English as a foreign language can help you make the most out of even the dullest topic.