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authentic content

Creating content is a fact of life for many of us, but doing it in a foreign language can seem out of reach.


I help my clients speak English to the world by writing custom content that suits the speaker and the project.

I consider the tone, speaker's personality and English level to custom-create content that is compelling and authentic. 

I like to approach each project from the audience's point of view. This helps me write content that will provide value and engage them to like, share and subscribe for more.


After the writing passes quality control, I work with the speaker to produce the best, most professional content possible. 

 true   story!

A client asked for my help to create a YouTube channel in English. The topic is fine dining. I do research, write the scripts and help prepare the host to speak on camera.
The channel launched in March 2023. After 14 episodes, the channel has grown to over 85,000 subscribers, 4.5 million views and generates over €7500 per month in ad revenue.


What are you working on?

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